***2014*** The year of Moving From Pain to Purpose! Stop existing beneath your full God-given potential. MB

Coming Soon to Churches Everywhere. Secure your date now through the booking and contact link!

Coming to a Church or Organization Near You!. Secure your date now through the booking and contact link!

Moving From Pain to Purpose is a 4 – hour Word and Worship seminar that is specifically designed to lead participants through a ten stage introspective process that helps them to both uncover [the primary source of their pain] and discover [the hidden purpose that is woven into the fabric of the pain], ultimately learning how to use the pain as the very catalyst that get’s them unstuck and eventually propels them into their full God-given purpose and potential. For the past seventeen years Michael Bethune has used the pain of his own past to continue to propel him deeper into his life’s purpose, and he has helped thousands to do the same through various preaching and speaking mediums. Now he has brought together the very best of his vast experience and knowledge in this area and has developed it into a seminar that is sure to change the lives many for years to come. Be sure to secure your church’s seminar date now through the booking and contact link here on the site. You do not want to miss out on this, especially in times like these when people are fed up with living beneath their full God-given potential. Coming to a city near you!


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Michael Bethune is a: Preacher, Professional Speaker, Author, Life Coach, Entrepreneur

If you’re searching for a powerful preacher / speaker for your next keynote address, group presentation, conference, convention, retreat or seminar who’s realistic, relevant and ready to motivate and inspire individuals to overcome the obstacles that they face through biblical principals, then look no further, Michael Bethune is definitely your man!

Michael Bethune Enterprises is a Christian-based company that was birthed out of the lessons that were gleaned from the real life experiences of the company’s founder and CEO Michael Bethune. As a direct result of having overcome many challenges [with God’s help], Michael believes that every obstacle in life can be overcome through proper perception and perseverance, and has the potential to make us stronger individuals.

Our mission is to enhance individual and organizational performance potential through biblical principals and instruction related to overcoming and benefiting from life’s obstacles. This is accomplished through the mediums of: sermons, keynote addresses, lectures, training seminars, conferences, workshops, books, and multi-media products.

TV Interview: Addressing Youth Homelessness in Asbury Park & Newark NJ (with Marcel Quinones)

Michael Bethune on CN8 addressing the issue of youth homelessness

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Strength For The Journey – a devotional blog dedicated to Christian living

Strength For The Journey is a devotional blog that is specifically dedicated to the purpose of Christian living.

As one who has counseled individuals in varying settings for the past fifteen years, I’ve come to realize that life has a way of squeezing and discouraging the best of us at times, regardless of how strong our spiritual lives might be. Sure, like many of you I too look forward to the encouraging lift that our spirits get from the heartfelt prayer, genuine praise and worship, and a strong / relevant sermons that we’re privileged to take part in on Sunday mornings. Many of us are even further privileged to also receive a healthy portion of solid biblical teaching during the middle of the week. But I have found through the countless counseling sessions and other forms of interaction with Christians that span almost every spiritual, social, economic and educational spectrum of life, that more than anything else, Christians are constantly seeking out that which will encourage their soul and strengthen their spirit along this journey called life.

For this very reason I felt the need to create an on-line space where Christians can come on a daily basis and do just that; digest scripture and scriptural-based information that will strengthen them for the journey!

So, what can you expect to find on this blog? You can expect to find regular morning devotional passages, helpful articles and other information directly related to the overall topic, brief video devotional messages addressing a particular portion of scripture, testimonials, and brief sermon video clips. You will also have the wonderful privilege of participating in discussions and commenting on the information that is shared on the blog, and you are especially encouraged to comment on the things that bless and strengthen your life in a particular way.

Be Blessed, and enjoy the journey! – Michael Bethune

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!” – Philippians 4:13

Unto the Least of These

Unto The Best of These

Summary: In this thorough yet accessible resource for churches and others that are genuinely interested in helping the less fortunate, Michael Bethune presents a unique and candid look at the relationship between the church and the less fortunate as he addresses many of the issues and concerns that others have been reluctant to confront. He believes that the church and other organizations that serve the less fortunate can and must do better when it comes to how it is that we treat those that frequent our soup kitchens, clothing pantries, shelters, etc. Bethune asserts that many of today’s churches have strayed far from the model of compassion that Jesus embodied and exemplified throughout His earthly ministry, a model that embraces and reaffirms the humanity of all people regardless of their social, educational, and economic location. As a result he has created a 12-stage process designed to move churches back in the right direction, back towards compassion.

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